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    Accident Helpline Services

Accident Helpline Services

If you have been injured and you are not sure what to do next, you 63a49c68193c1f11ee90f8fe52c4_grandehave arrived in the right place. Gaining a good understanding on the correct procedures to follow and getting the right advice is extremely important. Our Accident Helpline services offer someone to talk to get independent advice and access professional legal services. Call 1800 660 675 for free support today.

We provide completely free of charge services for ANYONE who has suffered an injury or accident in Australia including free information, forms, advice, a free case review and a lawyer referral if required.

Many of the people who use our Accident Helpline Services have been injured in road accidents or work accidents or have suffered a slip, trip or fall in a public place or medical negligence.

Accident compensation is your legal right!

Being in the know can help you a great deal when it comes to obtaining justice and compensation. There are certain procedures that need to be followed that are compulsory and may affect you in a legal sense. These procedures may include reporting the incident to the police within a given time frame or seeking medical attention immediately after an accident or injury. Even if you do not believe you are injury is bad it is VITAL to seek professional medical attention.

Getting the compensation you deservework compensation lawyers law firms for justice

You may need a lawyer or solicitor to assist you with an injury compensation claim. By discussing some basic details with our friendly staff you will know if you are better off with legal help or it is not required. If you have a complex claim in which a strong case needs to be built, the services of a lawyer or law firm may mean a big difference in terms of several thousands of dollars in compensation that you may get on top of what an insurance company may offer you as a lump sum.

Get advice before you sign!

Never accept an offer of a lump sum without a second opinion from an Accident Helpline member of staff or a lawyer. What you may find is that once you have accepted an award of compensation you may be signing away all future rights to claim. If your offer falls short of your full entitlements you may not be able to recover further future losses or expenses. Always get a second opinion BEFORE you sign and accept any offer of a lump sum payment. For more information call: 1800 660 675.